Hoosier Hill, Indiana's highest point

The Midwest is a pretty flat area absent of the massive mountains you will find in other parts of the county. We do have our hills, and a visit to one of them will land you at Indiana's highest point. It's called Hoosier Hill, and you'll find it among farm fields with little fanfare and no steep climb to arrive at the top. Hoosier Hill is located in Wayne County, and you'd probably miss it if it weren't for a green sign marking its existence at 1,257-feet above sea level.

On a trip to Richmond, I took a drive out to see the Levi and Catharine Coffin House in Fountain City, considered the Grand Central Station of the Underground Railroad. Since I wasn't very far away from it, I decided to visit Hoosier Hill as I headed back to the hotel. My route took me out of town down rural roads with few homes along the way. The only person I spotted on my journey was an Amish gentleman from a distance leading half a dozen horses as they pulled a plow.

Indiana's highest point, Hoosier Hill

I almost missed my mark, and if it hadn't been for my GPS, I might have driven right by. There wasn't a big incline to reach it and just a small gravel path to pull into. But once I was there, I was greeted by a marker letting me know I had reached my destination. A little walk into the woods will lead you to the spot that is Indiana's very highest point. It might not be as exciting as climbing a high mountain summit, but it's worth a little out-of-the-way drive for a selfie and could be a fun start to seeking out other roadside attractions in Indiana.