Did you know you can experience Germany in southern Indiana? The Schnitzelbank, an authentic German restaurant in Jasper, is the destination for food, drink, and good cheer. Get wrapped in Deutschland with incredible food, history, beer, and more. Below, you'll find five reasons why Schnitzelbank is a foodie destination. 


Why is Schnitzelbank a Foodie Destination?

Schnitzelbank Glockenspiel, Schnitzelbank

1. Schnitzelbank is a landmark in the German Community

A landmark in the predominately German community of Jasper and ranked in the top 10 of the best independent restaurants in Indiana, The Schnitzelbank maintains the "Olde World" ambiance and classic German favorites.

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Schnitzelbank Food, Schnitzelbank

2. The menu boasts decades-old German recipes 

The Schnitzelbank wraps you into Deutschland with a menu boasting German cuisine. Recipes have been used for more than 60 years in Schnitzelbank's kitchen, and traditions like the dirndls (dress) of its wait staff have stayed the same.

Check out the unique menu here

Schnitzelbank Gift Shop, Schnitzelbank

3. The animated Glockenspiel and Gift Shop are unrivaled

Enjoy the melodies of the animated Glockenspiel and step inside the enchanting gift shop full of German-inspired gifts, unique steins, nutcrackers & candies!

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Schnitzelbank Wunderbar Salad, Schnitzelbank

4. Soup and salad galore are found at The Wunderbar

Schnitzelbank's soup & salad bar has been dubbed The Wunderbar! Enjoy a bountiful spread of homemade German & American salads, veggies, fruits, and two soups to choose from daily.

See the salad bar and appetizer options here

Schnitzelbank Beer, Schnitzelbank

5. You can sip German-inspired "Bier"

The German tap list pays homage to the traditional Biergarten. Drink from a two-liter das boot, or enjoy authentic German wine imported from its sister city of Pfaffenweiler, Germany. Pair that with an enticing list of unique appetizers of kraut balls, potato pancakes with apple butter, or a mini wurst sampler with unforgiving hot mustard.

Read through the tap list here


Schnitzelbank Indiana Culinary Trails Passport

BONUS: Schnitzelbank is a check-in location on the Indiana Culinary Trails Passport

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