The Thirty-Six Saloon has been a staple in Rockville, Indiana for many years. Located on Highway 36 about 30 miles North of Terre Haute and 60 miles West of Indianapolis. It started as a small bar, before my time, and has recently expanded to accommodate larger crowds. Now it is a large restaurant with two bars inside, a loft, a billiard room, a private party room and an outdoor beer garden. Since Fall is in full swing, the Beer Garden is the place to be.  You can enjoy the outdoors, live music and a drink all at once.

The best part of the Thirty-Six Saloon is the unique décor. You will feel like you stepped into an old Western movie when you enter the Saloon, as all the locals call it. Don’t be shy, make sure to take a minute to walk around and enjoy the scenery because it is not very often that you see anything like it.




The bars are framed with tree trunks, the chandeliers are made from deer antlers and you can even throw your peanut shells on the floor. There are grizzly bears climbing up the trees, mounted moose heads and intricate woodcarvings. My favorite has always been the beer-drinking armadillo but I can’t promise you will find him on your first visit. Make sure to pay close attention because owner, Mark Vanderheyden is always adding new pieces. His newest piece is the ten-foot, steel replica of the Ghost Rider at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery before the leaves fall- take a day trip to small town Indiana. You can take a hike at Turkey Run State Park, enjoy some of the local antique shops, or gather up some of your friends and take a drive. Whatever you do, be sure to stop at the Thirty-Six Saloon to enjoy a beer, the unforgettable scenery and great food.