INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 28, 2024) – A new study released by Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch with the Indiana Destination Development Corporation revealed that Indiana earned $10 of new tax income for every dollar spent by IDDC during the 2023 ‘IN Indiana’ summer advertising campaign. In addition to measuring the return on investment of the campaign, the study also examined the halo effect of the marketing campaign and its impact on the image of the state.

The 2023 campaign marks the second year of the IDDC 'IN Indiana' campaign. It's also the second year the marketing campaign has been measured by Longwoods International, a premier market research firm and respected travel and tourism industry leader.

"The IDDC plays a significant role in enhancing our state's tourism industry," said Lt. Gov. Crouch, Indiana's Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. "The strategic initiatives and innovative campaigns attract visitors and improve Indiana's overall perception, fostering economic growth. We are working to build a stronger and more appealing Indiana for our residents and visitors alike."

For every $1 spent by IDDC for the 2023 summer campaign, the return on investment was $10 of new taxes for the state. Looking at the 2022 and 2023 campaigns combined, the two-year return on investment average was $7 of new tax revenue for the state.

The 'IN Indiana' campaign has also positively impacted travelers' overall perceptions of Indiana. 51% of people who saw the promotion and visited Indiana "strongly agree" that Indiana is a good place to live, compared to 27% who did not see the promotion and did not visit.

Below are other highlights from the 2023 survey [compared to 2022]:

  • Strongly agree that Indiana is a good place to start a career: 45% (Aware + Visitor), 24% (Unaware + Nonvisitor)
    • 2022: 38% (A+V), 17% (UA+NV);
  • Strongly agree that Indiana is a good place to start a business: 46% (A+V), 22% (UA+NV)
    • 2022: 36% (A+V), 18% (UN+NV);
  • Strongly agree that Indiana is a good place to attend college: 58% (A+V), 29% (UA+NV)
    • 2022: 49% (A+V), 34% (UA+NV);
  • Strongly agree that Indiana is a good place to purchase a vacation home: 43% (A+V), 13% (UA+NV)
    • 2022: 33% (A+V), 12% (UA+NV);
  • Strongly agree that Indiana is a good place to retire: 49% (A+V), 14% (UA+NV)
    • 2022: 37% (A+V), 16% (UA+NV)

Access the 2022 report here.

Access the 2023 report here.

"Engaging with our advertising markets and encouraging people to make a trip to Indiana is vital to the continued positive change we are seeing in Indiana's image," said IDDC Secretary and CEO Elaine Bedel. "By sharing our authentic story, we are encouraging people to visit. We have been hard at work, and the research shows that this work is paying off. The perception of Indiana is changing from "no perception" to a "very positive perception," and people are learning that the Hoosier state is both welcoming and has something for everyone."

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