Mayberry is alive and well in Cammack, Indiana!

Nestled at the western edge of Delaware County, lies the quaint village of Cammack. Like many other hidden treasures found in small and rural communities in Indiana, Cammack has one of east-central Indiana's best diners!

Cammack Station Cammack Station

Founded in 1882 by early Delaware County business man David Cammack, the community has recently been revitalized due in no small part to the restaurant Cammack Station. For years, this sleepy village had little more than a sawmill, grocery store/gas station, and a small hardware store.

Revitalized Cammack, Indiana Revitalized Cammack, Indiana

In 2007, Cammack native David Howe purchased the old Pete's Grocery and service station and converted the structure into a charming 1950s themed restaurant and ice cream shop. He continued his revitalization plan by restoring the building across the street, converting a second floor gymnasium into 1950s-styled apartment and introducing new shops at the street level.

Pete - former owner of Pete's Grocery and Service Station - a long time fixture of Cammack. Pete - former owner of Pete's Grocery and Service Station - a long time fixture of Cammack.

Over the years, Cammack Station was expanded, becoming one of east-central Indiana's best kept secrets for lunch and dinner. Known primarily for their tenderloin sandwiches, Chicago Dog (with real Chicago relish), ice cream, and Pete's Onion Burger - the restaurant is frequented by those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the busier diners in nearby cities.

chicago_dog The Chicago Dog

Pete's Onion Burger - a recipe that dates back to the gas station era and voted top 5 burgers in M Magazine.

Breaded Tenderloin - a Hoosier Specialty

In 2015, Dick hired Shane Shafer to manage the restaurant and oversee the diner's 20 employees. Along with 24 flavors of ice cream, the restaurant features daily specials, senior specials, and quite possibly some of the best tenderloins - an Indiana speciality - in all of east-central Indiana. Pete’s Onion Burger was ranked as one of the top-five burgers by M Magazine this past fall!

The 1950s theme permeates Cammack Station The 1950s theme permeates Cammack Station

If you remember the 1950s, or are just in a nostalgic mood, Cammack Station is the perfect spot for you to escape the cold winter months. Keeping with the 1950s gas station theme, the restaurant is filled with old gas pumps, 50s-era signs, photos, golden oldies, and the Andy Griffith Show on loop!

In warmer months, diners can eat outside - where the theme continues with old tractors and other restored 1950s vehicles on a quiet street in the heart of downtown Cammack.

Mayberry - alive and well in Cammack, Indiana Mayberry - alive and well in Cammack, Indiana

If you're in east-central Indiana this holiday season visiting friends and family, or are planning a trip to Muncie, definitely take the time to stop at Cammack Station for lunch or dinner! Winter hours are 11am-7pm, Wednesdays through Sundays.

Cammack Station's Menu

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