Springtime is the perfect time to make lasting family memories IN Indiana! Explore scenic outdoor trails, enjoy splash-worthy indoor fun, or check out the world's largest children's museum. With something for everyone, new experiences are in full bloom this season.

Indiana Caves

Explore the breathtaking world of caves and caverns in Indiana! Whether you're a nature enthusiast, adventure seeker, or just looking for a unique experience, these cave tours will leave you in awe. Discover the beauty beneath our feet with these four stunning cave systems:

  • Bluespring Caverns - Take a boat ride along an underground river to see the cave in a whole new way.

  • Indiana Caverns - Known for its bones from many different animals during the Ice Age, Indiana Caverns offers fun and education for all.

  • Marengo Cave - The large "rooms" found here display an abundance of formations that will make you feel like you are in another world.

  • Squire Boone Caverns - Get up close with unique formations and witness underground streams in this enchanting cave system.



Train Rides

  • French Lick Scenic Railway – Enjoy over twenty-five miles of scenic track from French Lick to Jasper! The driving force behind the Railway is to provide guests with an experience harking back to a time when rail travel was the primary means of long-distance travel. Riding aboard the French Lick Scenic Railway, you will experience history – no matter if you choose to ride a Scenic Excursion, a French Lick to Jasper Train, a Dinner Train Special, or one of the several Tasting Trains, where a favorite cocktail is paired with a luxurious dessert.

  • Nickel Plate Express – Through interactive historical experiences, Nickel Plate Heritage Railroad introduces new generations of Hoosiers to the rich history of rail travel. Sit back and enjoy the sites, sounds, and experience of a ride on the former Nickel Plate Road in our 1950s Santa Fe equipment.

  • Spirit of Jasper – The beautifully restored Spirit of Jasper Passenger Train offers more than remarkable excursions. It also creates valuable memories and represents one of the best entertainment values you’ll ever experience. The area’s finest food, beer, wine, scenery, and service crew will make you so glad you came aboard.

Train Rides

Indiana Zoos

Spring has arrived in Indiana, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to get out and explore! A trip to one of our many incredible zoos is a great way to do exactly that. All the animals are becoming more active as they awaken from their winter slumber. It's a great time to observe some of Indiana's unique birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. From special spring festival events to discovering something new, plenty of family fun awaits at a zoo near you!

Children by Carousel

Bison Viewing

  • Kankakee Sands | Morocco – At one time, more than 50 million bison roamed North America, but by the year 1889, the population dwindled to less than 1,000. A herd of bison was added to the Restoration Area at Kankakee Sands in Morocco to help invigorate the natural prairie landscapes by eating grasses to increase plant diversity. There is a viewing area available to visitors to watch the bison and their calves in their natural state. More than 25,000 acres of land provide additional opportunities for wildlife and bird watching.

  • Ouabache State Park | Bluffton – Pronounced “O-BAH-CHEE,” this state park features a 20-acre, fenced area with a small herd of bison. The bison roam in a natural setting within the fenced-off pasture, grazing and doing a fine job ignoring park visitors. While visiting the bison herd, a nearby fire tower can also be climbed for a spectacular view of the lake, woods, and distant bison.

  • Broken Wagon Bison Ranch | Hobart – Looking for your very own rare encounter with North America’s largest native land mammal? Broken Wagon Bison gives you the unique opportunity to be literally “surrounded” by their bison herd – in the safety of their Bison Tour Wagon – and watch the newborn calves nurse and play. You’ll get a true sense of the awesome size, strength, and power of these remarkable animals as you watch the one-ton herd bull lumber by… if the herd should break into a run, they can hit speeds of 35 to 50 mph and literally make the ground shake!

White Oaks Bison Farm

Take A Hike

Cure your cabin fever with some fresh air IN Indiana! With plenty of healing hiking territory to check out across the state, it’s hard to choose where to start. Whether you’re more of a leisurely fair-weather ambler or a rugged outdoor adventurer, you’ll want to dust off your boots and set a course to these happy trails.

  • Heron Rookery Trail at Indiana Dunes National Park | Michigan City – This trail follows along a portion of the Little Calumet River that once featured over 100 Great Blue Heron nests – hence the name. After 60 years of nesting here, the herons have moved on to new nesting grounds. These woods remain alive with dozens of birds, including kingfishers, woodpeckers, and a wide variety of migrating and nesting warblers. In spring, before the trees leaf out, the woodlands along this trail are blanketed with the most extensive display of spring wildflowers in the national park. Trillium, spring beauties, and Dutchman’s breeches are just a few of the flowers you’ll see along this scenic trail.

  • Bluebird Hills Trail at Pokagon State Park | Angola – The Bluebird Hills Trail (Number 7) bursts into gorgeous bloom in the springtime – especially the spectacular dogwood trees, rolling out a colorful backdrop of grasses and wildflowers for looping hikes through an open meadow and a wetlands restoration area. This trail begins below Hell’s Point off Trail 3 and ventures deep into the park confines, reconnecting to the start point after almost 2 miles. In addition to the bluebirds and other avian friends, you might also spy deer, rabbits, and other animals just waking up from their winter slumbers, which makes it the perfect location for a springtime hike.

  • Trails 2 & 3 at Prophetstown State Park | West Lafayette – Located near Battle Ground where the Tippecanoe and Wabash rivers converge, Prophetstown was a Native American village established in 1808 by the mighty Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa, the legendary “Prophet” himself. This storied landscape teems with wildflowers and native plants each spring – a vibrant welcome mat for hikers of all skill levels. Trail 2 spurs off of the easily navigable Trail 1, traveling through tallgrass prairie, along the banks of Harrison Creek, past a fishing pond, and over a boardwalk into the fen. Keep the journey going by continuing onto Trail 3, a gravel path terrain that leads right up to the river’s edge. Grab a quick breather at the wildlife viewing area, and make sure to stop for a minute and appreciate the wetlands restoration and replacement tree plantings before hugging the Tippecanoe River back to the pond.

  • Potato Creek State Park | North Liberty – As a popular park in the Indiana state park system, Potato Creek is the perfect spot to enjoy all of spring’s glory. Enjoy multiple hiking trails ranging from easy to hard. Head over to Trail 4 for over two miles of hiking and be ready to spot a warbler or passerine flying around or resting on a nearby branch. After taking in the wildlife, venture over to Trail 2, which takes you to the highest point in the park.

Take a Hike

Indiana Museum and Historic Sites

The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites is a statewide museum system with 12 locations. Whether interested in art or architecture, history or science, there’s something for everyone and every interest. The Indiana State Museum is located in White River State Park, in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, and offers a year-round schedule of changing exhibits, hands-on experiences, programs, and events. The 11 state historic sites are located throughout Indiana, stretching from Rome City in northeastern Indiana to Evansville in the southwest.

The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites

Children's Museums 

  • Children's Museum of Evansville | Boasting over 20,000 square feet of galleries and exhibits, The Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville (cMoe) is housed in a beautiful historic Art Deco building once home to the public library. Children (and their grownups) are encouraged to play hands-on with galleries and exhibits. Popular favorites include performing a play in the 5th Street Theater, splashing in the Wet Deck, climbing through Moe – the two-story duck, playing the laser harp, acting like a booger in a giant nose, and chatting with the talking Mark Twain bust. cMoe is located within walking distance of downtown restaurants and other attractions.

  • Terre Haute Children's Museum | The Terre Haute Children's Museum is three stories of fun, laughter and exploration located in the heart of Terre Haute. Our museum is dedicated to exposing children and families to new ideas and experiences. We offer hands-on learning opportunities in a safe, caring environment. From climbing up the trunk of our Tree House, to splashing in the water table at Water Works, to building cars in Fiddling with Physics, we offer something for everyone at THCM! And, don't forget the Ropes Challenge Course. This permanent exhibit features 22 elements to conquer while suspended two or three stories off the ground. We are also proud members of the ASTC Passport program, giving our members access to more than 280 other museums across the nation.

  • Children's Museum of Indianapolis | With over 130,000 artifacts housed on five floors of interactive fun and excitement, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis is the largest of its kind in the entire world! An abundance of exhibits, including Barbie You Can Be Anything: The Experience, Take Me There: Greece, American POP, Beyond Spaceship Earth, Dinosphere, and more, will provide entertainment for the whole family. The Riley Children's Health Sports Legend Experience is full of heart-pumping sports and physical fitness experiences. USA Today's 10 Best named it America's top children's museum!

Conner Prairie

Plan your outdoor adventure at Conner Prairie today! With over a thousand acres to explore, step into the story and connect with nature. Explore their hands-on educational activities in Treetop Outpost or wander over to Civil War Journey and Prairietown to fully understand Indiana history. With special spring programs and events, new discoveries, and experiences are always waiting for you.

Conner Prairie Civil War

Mascot Hall of Fame: 

Mascots are worldwide, but only Indiana has a museum dedicated to immortalizing these works of art and the humans inside them. The Mascot Hall of Fame sits inside a curiously designed building that houses a hall of fame and a hands-on museum dedicated to teaching children and adults about the craft of mascot building. With interactive stations where guests can shoot a t-shirt cannon, audition to be a mascot, build a giant mascot using parts from the “Limb Locker,” and work on their mascot skills using a giant glove simulator, everyone who visits will walk away with a new appreciation for mascots and mascot makers.


Fair Oaks Farms

Recognized as the #1 agritourism destination in the Midwest, Fair Oaks Farms is the nation’s leading agriculture attraction located right in the corn belt of Northwest Indiana. It’s a place where you can escape to the countryside to learn, dine and unwind. Get the opportunity to explore their various attractions: the Dairy Adventure, the Pig Adventure, and the Crop Adventure, where you can learn about their animals, farming practices, and nutrition. There’s even a contemporary barn-themed, one-of-a-kind hotel right on site!

Fair Oaks Farms

Big Splash Adventure

Make the most of your family time together at French Lick's indoor water park with a retractable roof in Southern Indiana. You’ll create unforgettable memories by zipping down the Jolly Roger Jetty water slide, plunging down Pirate's Plunder and into their famous "toilet bowl," splashing and playing basketball in the Lost Treasure Lagoon, or simply relaxing on the Lost River. With over 40,000 square feet, your family getaway will be "splashtastic" at Big Splash Adventure!

Big Splash Adventure Hotel & Indoor Water Park

Hall of Heros Comic Con

It's history – just way more super! The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum is the world's only superhero and comic museum. Marvel and DC fans alike will be in heaven as visitors can find iconic props and comics, including Adam West's personal Batman costume, Captain America's shield used by Chris Evans, origin comics signed by Stan Lee, and more.

Hall of Heroes Museum

Science Central

This hands-on science museum is full of fun educational experiences, including a static electricity demonstration, liquid nitrogen experiment, optical illusions, and so much more. Their Science on A Sphere exhibit, a six-foot globe that rotates "mid-air," allows guests to flip a button and see different planets, currents of the oceans, and real-time storms throughout the world. Spark your imagination at Fort Wayne’s Science Central this Spring!

Science Central

Wolf Park

This incredibly unique park dates back to 1972, when they studied wolves and other canids to learn more about their behavior. It runs as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to behavioral research, education, and conservation, and although wolves began as the focus, there are other species you can also observe and learn more about, as well. Guided tours are available where docents lead you to the park's ambassador animals to take a look at their surroundings. The walking tour goes along a one-half-mile path and past a bison pasture where you can view these majestic creatures in natural surroundings.

Wolf Park, Battle Ground

Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame

In Indiana, basketball isn’t simply a game – it’s a tradition, passion, and part of our culture. The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame celebrates the proud heritage of basketball in our state from its origins in the 1890s to the current season. A visit to this 14,000-square-foot museum features not only the men, women, and teams that have brought recognition to themselves, their communities, and schools, but several interactive exhibits that will bring you closer to the action of Indiana high school basketball!

Basketball Hall of Fame


Explore three floors of interactive, hands-on exhibits designed for families with toddlers to early teens. Kidscommons’ exhibits include the Kids-at-Art area, City by Design – where you can create your community of the future; BubbleOlogy – where guests stand inside a body bubble; and ExploraHouse – home of their world-famous giant toilet. There’s even a 17' climbing wall, which replicates the front of their building!



Wonderlab- Museum of Science, Health & Technology

In downtown Bloomington, Wonderlab keeps kiddos busy in interactive areas that focus mainly on science, health, and technology. The SandScapes augmented reality sandbox captures imaginations, Bubble-Airium teaches about all types of bubbles, the Grapevine Climber challenges dexterity, the Wonder Under the Waves Saltwater Aquarium features an Indo-pacific coral reef ecosystem with a variety of inhabitants, including fish and live coral, the Hidden Life of Deserts explores the complexity and beauty of desert life, or spend time making music on the Big Piano. With lots of building blocks, crazy fun mirrors, and a selection of live amphibians, insects, and reptiles, there’s no shortage of wonder here!



Bob Ross Experience

Located at the beautiful Minnetrista Museum & Gardens, this immersive experience lends you to explore the life, philosophy, and art of the iconic American painter inside the historic home where The Joy of Painting was filmed. The exhibit features original paintings and artifacts, inspiring visitors with Bob’s message of fearless creativity. You can step into the restored television studio and stand where Bob stood, at the iconic easel where he beat the devil out of his brushes. Across the hall, you’ll be transported to a 1980s living room, the setting where much of the world discovered and enjoyed Bob.

Bob Ross Experience

Strawtown Koteewi Park

This 750-acre park is full of extraordinary features, including hiking trails, equestrian trails, a natural history center, and an archaeological exhibit. From ziplines and challenging treetop trails to belaying across the canopy, your arboreal adventures await at the Aerial Adventure Treetop Trails. Hit a bulls-eye at Koteewi Range, a state-of-the-art target and 3D shooting range. K-Trails Equestrian Adventures offers guided trails and pony rides.

Strawtown Koteewi Park

Griffin Bike Park

Griffin Bike Park is on the bucket list of a lot of bike riders around the entire globe! The park provides a full spectrum of biking experiences for beginners up to professional riders. Over 16 miles of single-track twist in and around the terrain of Vigo County. The LZ Terrain Park features various jump lines, a slalom track, and more. Riders can even jump into a lake at the water skills park!

Griffin Bike Park

Visit Shipshewana

With intriguing Amish culture, delicious home-style cooking, extensive shopping, fun attractions, beautiful natural resources, unique Amish experiences like buggy rides and farm tours, and some of the tastiest sweets and treats around, Shipshewana is the perfect, charming springtime getaway. As if that wasn’t reason enough to book now, you can also enjoy world-class entertainment and family-friendly shows at beautiful venues. Come see why Shipshewana this Spring!

Blue Gate Carriage Company, Shipshewana

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest

Spring is blooming at this breathtaking botanical wonderland, which features 330 acres of preserved prairie, forest, and wetlands and an extensive collection of oak trees. The arboretum is also home to an incredible Railway Garden, an outdoor g-gauge model train garden that sprawls an acre and tells America’s steam engine history. Any adventurer who loves hiking and/or trains will be in heaven at Gabis Arboretum.

Gabis Arboretum

Richmond's Chocolate Trail

For Chocolate lovers, Richmond/Wayne County, IN, is the sweetest place to be. From an 1890s candy factory to bakeries, ice cream parlors, cafes, and distinctive shops, many sweet temptations are waiting to be discovered.

Richmond’s Chocolate Trail

Enchanted Fairy Trail

Take your kids on a fascinating journey full of wonderment, surprises, and imagination by exploring the Central Indiana Enchanted Fairy Trail. The trail, which currently includes fairy stops at about 21 locations in Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, Indianapolis, North Salem, and Plainfield, will leave your children spellbound as they follow in the footsteps of Odonata the Dragonfly Fairy.

Enchanted Fairy Trail