If you think the crime scene investigation action is impressive on TV, imagine applying those techniques to ancient artifacts right in your own backyard!

Southern Indiana 6th and 7th Graders will learn the secrets to unlocking the past and will receive the unique opportunity to see how what they’ve learned in the classroom is used in the real world at Angel Mounds State Historic Site in Evansville.

Activities like artifact mapping, stratigraphy, "Atlatl" spear throwing and more, students apply their studies to solve the mystery of “Cultural Scene Investigation.” Open to 6th & 7th grade students only, the event runs 9am – 1pm; admission is $4 per student.

atlatl spear throwing PHOTO CREDIT: US Forestry Service Atlatl spear throwing PHOTO CREDIT: US Forestry Service

The program is available on three separate days for teachers’ convenience. When calling to make your reservation, please indicate which day you would like to bring your class. (Note: Days are available on a first come first serve basis.)

Angel Mounds is the site of the largest settlement of its time in what is now known as Indiana. It was a fortified town serving as a social, political, and religious center for a much larger area of villages, hamlets, and farmsteads that ran 70 miles along the Ohio River, from the Wabash River to 35 miles east of Evansville.  The town and surrounding settlements together constituted a chiefdom and were occupied from as early as A.D. 1000 to as late as A.D. 1450 by Native Americans whom archaeologists call Mississippians.  The town became known as Angel Mounds because it was part of a farm owned by the Angel family for over 100 years.

For more information call (812)853-3956 or visit the Angel Mounds website.