It was an exciting time at the Indianapolis Convention Center, as comic book fans, sci-fi fans, and anyone who has pored over the full-color pulp pages and sighed, "If only. . . " I was taking my youngest daughter and son to their — and my — very first comic convention. We've often dreamed of visiting the San Diego Comic Con, since that's the Camelot of Cons, but we decided San Diego could wait once we heard there was going to be an Indy Con too.

It turns out everyone else thought the same thing, because the 100,000 square feet space they had reserved in the Indianapolis Convention Center was packed. There were thousands of people in the building, and a few hundred in line, and if it weren't for a media pass waiting for me, I would have spent at least an hour in line. (Lesson for next year: get there plenty early.) There were people from all over the Midwest, and there were several times we were unable to move at all because the aisles were packed with comic fans.

Saturday at Comic Con is always the busiest, and they actually sold out all the tickets for the day. Saturday at Comic Con was the busiest day, and they actually sold out all the tickets for the day.

There were tables and booths filled with people selling all kinds of gear, collectibles, comic books, costumes, and toys, as well as a number of different artists and publishers. Bob Layton (of Iron Man fame), Bob Camp (co-creator of Ren & Stimpy), George Perez (too many to name), as well as comic writers like Dirk Manning.

There were also Q&A sessions, and autograph and photo sessions with several comic-themed actors, including Evan Peters (American Horror Story), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Caity Lotz (Arrow) and Daniel Cudmore (X-Men). Plus you could get your photo taken next to a replica of the Batmobile from the original live-action series with Adam West.

And finally, there were cosplayers galore, wearing different costumes of their favorite characters. My own daughter went as Nick Fury, even though she wanted to be Deadpool. She's already talking about how to be Deadpool next year, and my son will get to be Nick Fury.

Waldo cosplayer at Indianapolis Comic Con When I spotted this guy, I yelled "I FOUND HIM!" I don't think he found it amusing.

She was especially proud to have her name called out by several people interested in taking photos of her, or greeting her the way you would greet someone you sort of know in the hall.

"Nick Fury."


Emma thought it was completely cool, but she nearly flipped out when she saw a full-sized Deadpool and asked to have her picture taken with him. He was happy to oblige, and I snapped a few pictures, which totally made her day.

Deadpool and Nick Fury

All in all, Indianapolis Comic Con is a fantastic time. I know the lessons they've learned are already being included in next year's event. They're increasing space from 100,000 square feet to 400,000 square feet. They'll have more exhibitors, more artists, more Q&A sessions, and one little girl who, if she has her way, will be Deadpool, accompanied by a slightly smaller Nick Fury.