They’re catching like wildfire. Distilleries are popping up all over Hoosierland and attracting lots of praise. Creative spirits and cocktails will give you that little summery buzz and call for a fun time out. There’s no need to wait until happy hour, we've rounded up some delicious options. Cheers to that!

Cardinal Spirits

“I love gin, and they have the best gin I've ever tasted. I HATE vodka as a general rule, but their vodka is incredible. Go there a lot and order every cocktail on the menu. I can't recommend this place enough!” –Yelper Brad P., Martinsville

Try: Moscow Mule or Screwdriver

cardinal spirits

Bear Wallow Distillery

“They make their own corn based whiskeys, moonshine, and aged bourbon. During our sampling, each bottle was explained in detail and we were educated on how each one differed from the previous/next.  So cool.” –Yelper Krysha M., Indianapolis

Try: Moonshine Shake Up or Hot Apple Pie Cocktail


Photo by Yelper Krysha M.

Hotel Tango

“I love the concept of Hotel Tango. Rustic with a huge fireplace. Popcorn while you sip your cocktail in a jar. I got this. Like I said I could do this everyday.” –Yelper Stephanie D., Indianapolis

Try: Gin Bravo or Bloody Mary


Photo by Yelper Timothy L.

Heartland Distillers

“The vodka gets better the more you take out. Yeah. There is just this certain something that goes into filling out the profile that Heartland Distillers has nailed. Smooth. –Yelper Aaron W., Indianapolis

Try: Prohibition Gin or Indiana Vodka


Photo by Yelper Aaron W.

Wilks & Wilson Elixirs (friend of the spirits)

“If you've ever had a craft cocktail out and about in Indianapolis, chances are, you've had Wilks & Wilson. While small is manpower, they're HUGE when it comes to impact on the craft cocktail scene throughout Indianapolis.” –Yelper Jon C., Indianapolis

Try: Giovanna's Ginger Simple Tonic Elixir and don’t forget to check out their recipes online!


Photo by Yelper Sam M.