State Parks - a gem across the state in Indiana. I've visited my share (McCormick's Creek, Prophetstown, Turkey Run) and I love them all. Last month I had the opportunity to return to one I hadn't been to in awhile - Fort Harrison which is conveniently located only 15 minutes from my house.2015-06-23 18.46.15editedWe picked up dinner and headed to the park to spend some time walking around. It was a gorgeous late afternoon and the scenery was beautiful. We took the opportunity to walk around one of the small ponds.2015-06-23 18.46.12editedWe didn't opt for the long walk to the duck pond, but I had to promise that would happen next time.2015-06-23 18.48.12There are seven trails ranging in length from .5 miles to 2.5 miles. And if you have a pet - even better! Several paths are paved and and perfect for your furry friends (or a bike, run or leisurely stroll if you are me!).

Don't miss out a state park near you. I promise there is one near you (check out the list on DNR's website) or plan a trip to Fort Harrison and make sure you wear your walking shoes!