Have you been to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. What a gem of an attraction.IMG_9210We had been there a few years back and honestly I forgot how much I loved this place! Not only do they have wonderful animals but everywhere you turn there are hands on exhibits for your kids (and you!) to play with.

We started in the African Journey area ...IMG_9183 IMG_9185Home to zebra, leopard, lion and my favorite - the banded mongoose!2015-08-29 13.41.47editedPretty sure my family's favorite was the crane.IMG_9190Next we were off to the Indonesian Rain Forest. My favorite part of this was walking through the "jungle" on the raised up platform looking all around for animals and checking out the research station.IMG_9193We even found a fake animal!IMG_9195New since last time we visited was The Reef full of interesting fish.IMG_9198 IMG_9197And my all time favorite - the Indiana Family Farm. Just takes me back to my home.IMG_9200 IMG_9204 IMG_9201 IMG_9205Other fun sightings ...IMG_9199 IMG_9196 IMG_9188 IMG_9186Really ... Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is an awesome zoo especially for families. I HIGHLY recommend it and if you are looking for other things to do in the area, be sure to Visit Fort Wayne.