In developing a new consumer brand for Indiana, we knew we had a great opportunity to create a unified consumer brand, connecting all regions from north to central to south. In creating the brand, our first step was bringing together a group of talented and creative individuals to help us describe the qualities, attributes and allure of Indiana. Our brand development panel consisted of over thirty individuals from our industry, elected officials and government leaders and representatives from both the private and public sector. Our goals for the new brand were simple: to create a brand that truly represents the entire state; to be respectful of our history but also forward looking; and to be fitting for both rural and urban settings.

We are a state of under told stories with wonderful assets and engaging people. In Indiana, our smiles are warm, our handshakes firm and our places have a certain charm. Our people do not pretend to be something they are not, because they are proud to be who they are. That genuine personality translates into authentic experiences for visitors traveling our state. In Indiana you can spend your days paddling a winding river, fishing an inland lake or browsing the shops on Main Street. You can visit a bustling capital city, sunbathe beneath soaring sand dunes, climb the highest hilltops or explore the deepest depths beneath the surface of the earth. You can enjoy homegrown produce—and get to know the growers—at our farmers markets, eateries and vineyards. Our cities offer the world-class museums, performing arts and high-energy sporting events you expect with a friendliness that’s an added bonus. Everywhere you go in Indiana, the people are genuine and the experiences are, too.  That’s real. That’s Honest to Goodness Indiana.