Traveling around the state on a regular basis allows me to venture into areas that often I don't know much about. New Albany is one of those areas. Located just northwest over the Ohio River from Louisville, New Albany is a gem that I wish I had explored sooner.

First, Culbertson Mansion. This historic home is one of the Indiana State Museum's eleven historic sites around the state. In the late 1800s it was home to William Culbertson - once the richest man in Indiana. That makes sense when you learn that at the time it was built (1867) it cost $120,000.

Culbertson not only spared no expense in the building of his home, but he spared no expense in caring for others including funding a widow's home and founding an orphan's home.

Walking through his mansion, you can experience a bit of what made him who he was.


Photo credit: Tim Miller for Culbertson Mansion

My next stop in New Albany was Hull and High Water - a seafood restaurant right on the Ohio River. 

I ordered the fried cod and curly fries. Not a bite was left! (Also shown, the cod ... which also was eaten in its entirety!).

After lunch I was able to hit a couple local shopping spots. Dada Boutique's goal is for you to be the best you can be ... not to be just like everyone else. That is proven by the choices they make in what to carry ... both in clothing and self care. 

Next up was Dress and Dwell

Think unique clothing, home items and gifts with a local twist. Perfect for gift ideas!


Sadly, I was rushed at the end to get to a meeting and didn't get to visit the other many shops I noticed. That leaves you to explore some and me to plan another visit.

Dress and Dwell

If you would like more information on the area, be sure to Go So IN (as they say). You'll find there just aren't enough hours in the day!