I'm a huge fan of Richmond, Indiana. Located just a short drive east of Indy it makes for a great getaway. (See my other posts here and here). Recently I had a lunch meeting over that way and was able to try The Old Richmond Inn2016-01-27 11.16.45One of the things I love about this place is the history. The Old Richmond Inn is housed in a historic home, built in 1892. There is extensive stained glass in the home and my favorite is the wall right when you come in ...2016-01-27 13.57.45The restaurant has been open since 1984 and seen a few renovations, but the food is why people keep coming back.2016-01-27 11.45.29Yes, that is my partially eaten tenderloin! When I get excited about my food I forget to take a picture until I've started eating. Oops. But I can tell you nothing will disappoint (like the soup I had and devoured!).

When you mix great food with an unique atmosphere I say it is a win. The Old Richmond Inn has seven unique dining rooms and three fireplaces with decorative tiles (all of which were popular in the 1900s).2016-01-27 13.57.34No matter why you are visiting Richmond (antiques, candles, history) Old Richmond Inn is a must hit for food. For more information on attractions, events and lodging, be sure to Visit Richmond.