Last year I highlighted Hendricks County one-of-a-kind gift guide and I'm happy to report ... it is back!VHC_GiftGuide_Logo22They have made their site so easy to use. You just pick the category you want to (kids, teens, women or men) and get to "work" although it can't be called that since it is really so simple!

A few highlights for me this year ... Hot Blown Glass Ornaments.Hot_Blown_Glass_ornamentsI visited the woman at work behind these masterpieces last year and own one myself. Gorgeous and unique.

Wristees.Wristee2I had no idea that is what these were called. Years ago when I worked at Conner Prairie the historical interpreters wore these all the time. It kept them warm while freeing their hands to still do work. And now they make them stylish! :)

And this is just the beginning. Be sure and peruse the entire gift guide to find the perfect item for your family. And the fact that you are buying local ... well, that is just a wonderful bonus!