Long Lake

Indiana is blessed to have 25 state parks, 16 state forests, 10 state lakes, and numerous reservoirs, state recreational areas, and nature preserves. Although there are state parks for any time of year, my favorite time to visit Indiana's natural areas is late summer and early fall, just as the weather begins to cool and before the leaves change.

Indiana State Nature Passport

Indiana State Nature Passport

Chain O' Lakes State Park is part of the Indiana State Nature Passport! Check-in and explore participating locations throughout the state to earn great prizes! The more you visit, the more you win. This program is 100% free, but property entrance fees apply when you visit. Learn More.

Sand Lake Sand Lake

Sadly, I haven't visited each state park and recreational area...yet, but after a recent trip to northern Indiana, I was able to check off the Chain O' Lakes State Park in Albion from my list!

Connecting waterway between Sand and Bowen lakes (you're looking at Sand Lake). Connecting waterway between Sand and Bowen lakes (you're looking at Sand Lake).

Chain O' Lakes State Park is called as such because...wait for it....the park contains a chain of lakes, thirteen lakes to be exact, with nine connected via a central water way. This state park is open to boaters, campers, fishing enthusiasts, swimmers, hikers, and pretty much anyone wishing to retreat into the wilderness for a quiet afternoon, or for an entire weekend in one of the many cabins.

Paddle boaters on Sand Lake Paddle boaters on Sand Lake

The lakes at Chain O' Lakes are referred to as "kettle lakes" defined as a shallow, sediment-filled water body created after rapid glaciers melt and retreat. In our case, the thirteen lakes at Chain O' Lakes were formed at the end of the last glacial period around 13,000 years ago. The lakes are part of the Elkhart River - St. Joseph's River - Lake Michigan watershed.

Long Lake Long Lake

Much of northern Indiana, between Fort Wayne and South Bend is filled with such lakes - remnants of the retreat of the Wisconsin Glaciation. The entire area is filled with kettle lakes of all sizes, shapes, and depths. There are hundreds of lakes dotted across this region and several reservoirs.

Map of Chain O' Lakes Map of Chain O' Lakes

The thirteen lakes at Chain O' Lakes are: Miller, Rivir (that's not a typo), Mud, Weber, Sand, Bowen, Dock, Long, and Sucker - all of which are connected. Norman, Finster (two different lakes with the same name), and Kreiger are not connected.

Marker along the 18-mile trail system. Marker along the 18-mile trail system.

Chain O' Lakes covers 2,178 acres, 212 of which are water and 732 are part of the Glacial Esker Nature Preserve. There are 23 miles of forested trails - 12 different paths ranging from east to rugged, 18 cabins, an expansive campground, a beach, boat docks (electric motor only), fishing piers, picnic shelters, non-powered boat rentals (canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, and row boats), and a nature center.

Historic Stanley Schoolhouse Historic Stanley Schoolhouse

Like many other state parks, Chain O' Lakes is great for those looking to connect a little more with nature. For me, the greatest fauna area was the Butterfly area near the Stanley Schoolhouse.

Butterfly area near the Stanley Schoolhouse Butterfly area near the Stanley Schoolhouse

The area was first inhabited by Native Americans, with a mound probably located along Bowen Lake, although there hasn't been much excavation to authenticate. We know of a Miami Native American village, or perhaps a Potawatomi settlement that existed along the northern shore of what is now Bown Lake. According to the Indiana DNR "about 30 bark wigwams were located on the north shore" prior to white settlement.

Long Lake Long Lake

In time, the area was settled by those of European descent, including William Bowen, whom the lake is named after. The Stanley Schoolhouse was built in 1848 (although the extant structure is from 1915) serving children in grades one through eight. The school closed in 1954. The area around the school and all thirteen lakes officially became a state park in 1960.

Trail Trail


Waterway to Bowen Lake Waterway to Bowen Lake

Location: 2355 East 75 Street - Albion, Indiana - 46701 State park admission in Indiana are $7 per car for Hoosiers and $9 for out-of-state visitors. A full list of prices is available on Indiana's DNR website.