Photo Credit: Susan Fleck

Thank goodness my third grade daughter received the assignment of writing about the life of President Benjamin Harrison. Why? Because it gave us the excuse to go visit his home that is located just 15 minutes south of us in Indianapolis!


I've driven by the house many times (sometimes several times in one week), but have never stopped in and I'm not sure why. Not only do the tour guides fill you with information on Harrison's entire life, but they even offer events throughout the year.

Our purpose this go around was to take the tour and learn a bit more about the life of this local president. The tour lasts a little over an hour and you get the opportunity to see what life was like for the 23rd President of the United States.

I'm always in awe of the beauty of homes in the mid 1800s and this was no exception. I especially liked the staircase ... 

Photo Credit: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site


Photo Credit: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

President Harrison had an extensive office and oh, the books. I can't imagine reading half of what he had in his possession.

The top floor of the home rotates exhibits and has some historic pieces from President Harrison's first attorney offices.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

But, my favorite was learning the history:

  • His relationship with the local firefighters (which explains some decor in his house!)
  • His second wife, Mary Dimmick Harrison, was a niece of his first wife and their granddaughter is still living!

Benjamin Harrison with Mary Dimmick Harrison. Photo Credit: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

So, if you find yourself in Indy looking for some local history, be sure to check out the Benjamin Harrison Historical Site. For other information on activities and events in the area, you'll want to check out Visit Indy.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

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