Science Central is one of my favorite places to go in Fort Wayne.  Ever since I was a kid, my parents took me to the museum to play in Kids Central, jump on the moon, and swing down the slide.  I’m even more excited for a brand new exhibition coming in August.

Science on a Sphere at Science Central

Science on a Sphere is Science Central’s first new major exhibition since 1995.  The display was created by researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to help display and visualize data; however, it quickly became clear to the researchers that Science on a Sphere was a great tool for science museums around the world.  This exhibition will be the first of its kind in Indiana, and one of only about eighty in the world.

Science on a Sphere works like this: four high-definition projectors in each corner of the room display images onto a suspended fiberglass sphere.  The projectors show series of images, called datasets, from Earth or another planet or moon.  The datasets can be historical information, like how the continents moved over time, or can be more current, like where the clouds are in the sky today.  Visitors move through a darkened room to view the projections on the sphere.

Fort Wayne is the only place in Indiana where you can experience Science on a Sphere, so come for the weekend and experience more great attractions in the city.  The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is consistently rated as one of the top children’s museums in the country and is open through October.  Root for the home team at a TinCaps baseball game at Parkview Field, where tickets start at $5.  In the winter, Fort Wayne has lots of indoor fun at Crazy Pinz, Ultrazone, Lazer X, or Sky Zone.

Science on a Sphere will open in mid-August.  For more information and to hear Science Central’s Executive Director Martin Fisher explain more, check out this video.