Scotty's Brewhouse and I are old friends. Not me and Scott Wise, the owner. Scotty's Brewhouse. I remember when the first Brewhouse came to Ball State, tearing down the old Mugly's and putting up a brand new restaurant in its place.

I remember when Lucy's came to Indianapolis and left again. I remember the other Scotty's Brewhouses in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Lafayette.

And being the Scotty's fan, I'm always up to see what they're doing in their new menu.

So on Monday, February 24, several of us were invited to the menu unveiling at the Scotty's on 96th street in Indianapolis. Because of the bad weather the previous week, we had missed the actual preview of the menu, and we were now there to more or less "confirm" the menu.

We saw it, tried several of the dishes, and pronounced it great as usual.

We had several different dishes, some for the more healthy, some for the more adventurous. Some for the delicate palates, and some for the masochistic.

My second favorite appetizer was the Trailer Park Nachos, made with Scotty's signature potato chips, pulled pork BBQ, and jalapeños. This is a hot dish, so be prepared to sweat when you eat it. I suppose not eating the jalapeños would have made a big difference, but what's the fun in that?

Scotty's Brewhouse Trailer Park Nachos Scotty's Brewhouse Trailer Park Nachos

The Queso With Beef dip was the table favorite however. There were three of us at our table, and we finished it up (you're only supposed to sample at a tasting event like this, because you want to get through the entire evening without bursting). We even argued a bit over who got to wipe their finger in the bowl. (I won, because I distracted them with the "hey look over there!" trick.)

Scotty's Brewhouse Queso and Beef Dip Queso and Beef Dip

There were six burgers on the menu for the night — the Real Deal BBQ burger, the Mushroom & Swiss, the French Fry Burger, the Thompson Farm Burger (fried egg and bacon on a burger and English muffin), the Bivens Sriracha Burger, and the Big Ass Burger. I tried almost all of them — I skipped the Bivens Sriracha, having just recovered from the Trailer Park Nachos — and the Big Ass Burger is my favorite, although my wife informs me I may not ever order it.

Scotty's Brewhouse Big Ass Burger and the Crowd Everyone wanted a photo of that burger! That's the Big Ass Burger, and we all needed wide angle lenses to get it.

Scotty's Brewhouse Big Ass Burger Scotty's Brewhouse Big Ass Burger

All in all, it was an wonderful night. Foodies were delighted, social media friends were notified, and we all got to see what Scott Wise and Company have been planning for almost an entire year.

If you haven't been to a Scotty's Brewhouse in the last few weeks, you need to get back there and see all the new offerings. But bring your appetite, because despite the healthy options on the menu, Scott and company are not skimping on the portions.