Jasper, Indiana, is filled with both indoor historical fun and outdoor activities that can be taken in year-round. Not only is it the home of one of the best restaurants in Indiana, but its history and culture will make you want to visit - and revisit! Here are six fun things to do. 

Take a Trip on the Spirit of Jasper Luxury Train

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Jasper Chamber

One of the uniquely coolest things to do in Jasper is to ride on the Spirit of Jasper Luxury Train. A beautifully scenic two-hour ride through both woodsy areas and the countryside of the county, many of the excursions offer a fun-themed dinner including pizza and beer - the train stopped about halfway along the route to pick up fresh pizza for all of us to enjoy the leisurely rail ride back to the train depot. 

Fun fact: The Spirit of Jasper Luxury Train cars are used in Frech Lick, Indiana, for its annual Polar Express train! 

Wander through the Jasper Riverwalk

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A lovely above Jasper’s waterway, the Riverwalk is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit. In summer, it’s a bird watcher’s dream. In autumn, the gorgeous leaves make the view bright and pretty. And even in winter, the snow along the riverbank is a must-see. 

While you’re checking out the pretty sight, make sure to walk over to Jasper City Mill to do some shopping. Using a water-powered wheel and grindstones, corn is ground into cornmeal and sold for baking purposes. 

Fun Fact: The current Jasper City Mill is actually a blend of two earlier mills on the same site - one of which was visited in 1828 by President Abraham Lincoln and his father when he was young to grind his family’s grain!  

Visit the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception & St. Benedict’s Brew Works

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No matter what your belief or religion, the Monastery Immaculate Conception, just outside of Jasper in Ferdinand, is a beautiful respite with stunning architecture. Founded in 1867, the monastery is still home to nuns in service, and a guided tour of the interior, along with a fun history lesson, is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. If you’re a fan of trying new treats, head to the monastery gift shop for its famous Springerle cookies (with a touch of anise) and religious gifts.

Afterward, make sure you pop into St. Benedict's Brew Works for a taste test of its craft beer and handmade pizza. While the brewpub is an intimate one, there’s no lack of conversation or fun!

Learn about Indiana History at Dubois County Museum

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The Dubois County Museum,  the largest county museum in Indiana, has well over 65,000 pieces of history to view when you visit. If you’re a classic car fan, you’ll want to make a beeline for its impressive warehouse that harbors pristine vintage beauties. Affordable and fun for both kids and adults, get ready to spend hours looking through the displays. 

Additionally, if you love taking a trip through time, make it a point to mosey around and through the recreated vintage shops that are packed with items true to their historical period. Personally, I was stunned when I spied my exact kitchen cupboards in the recreated home area. 

Visit Thyen Clark Cultural Center

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Thyen-Clark Cultural Center & Galleries

With its free admission, the Thyen Clark Cultural Center and its multi-room art exhibit is worth a stop. Featuring local artists showcasing paintings, drawings, sculptures, and pottery, don’t fret if you fall in love with a piece while walking through its rooms: many of the pieces are affordably for sale.

Take in a Live Show at Jasper Art Center

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Located in Vincennes University, Jasper Art Center has a rotating show list that’s both impressive and affordable. If you love live shows, makes sure to check out the official website for the latest schedule.