The fourth season of Netflix's hit show Stranger Things will be released in 2022! You won't find Hawkins, Indiana (because the town isn't real), but you can find these 68 real-life oddities on a "Stranger Things" scavenger hunt in Indiana! And don't worry, there aren't any demogorgons on the list. Download a printable Stranger Things scavenger hunt guide here!

Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt in Indiana

1. Hotel Mudlavia (Carbondale, Warren Co.)

Mudlavia Resort, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

What was once a five-star hotel and resort with “healing waters” is now mere ruins in the Indiana countryside. Do not trespass on this private property.

2. Earhart haunts Hangar 1 (West Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co.)

Earhart Hangar 1, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Amelia Earhart is said to haunt Purdue Airport’s Hangar 1, where she worked on her Lockheed Electra before the doomed flight around the world.

3. World’s Largest Sycamore Stump (Kokomo, Howard Co.) 

World's Largest Sycamore Stump, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

So large it cannot be properly seen in a photo, you’ll have to visit this piece of arboreal history in person. Read More.

4. Cairo Skywatch Tower (Cairo, Tippecanoe Co.)

Backyard Watchtower, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This monument honors the Ground Observation Corps, who spent the 1950’s scanning the skies for Russian planes or missiles.

5. Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower (Berne, Adams Co.)

Berne Clock Tower, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Catch old-world charm and a glockenspiel presentation daily at this Adams County landmark. Read More.

6.  Brain Sculpture (Bloomington, Monroe Co.)

Brain Sculpture, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The world’s largest anatomically correct brain statue is made entirely of Indiana limestone.

7.  Bristol Opera House (Bristol, Elkhart Co.)

Bristol Opera House, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The current home of the Elkhart Civic Theatre dates back to 1897 and is reportedly haunted. Read More.

8. The Historic Goshen Police Booth (Goshen, Elkhart Co.)

Bulletproof Police Booth, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Goshen prepared for a visit from John Dillinger that never came with this bulletproof structure still standing in front of the courthouse.

9. Chainsaw Garden (Hardinsburg, Washington Co.)

Chainsaw Garden, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Some people plant rosebushes, some people plant chainsaws. Let’s hope Leatherface never travels SR 66. This is on private property; please ask for permission (which is not a problem) from the owner.

10. Christina the Skunk Lady (Howe, Lagrange Co.)

Christina the Skunk Lady, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

At the turn of the 19th century, Howe’s most famous eccentric lived in a shack with cats, dogs, guinea pigs, chickens, lizards, and her beloved skunks.

11. City Market Catacombs (Indianapolis, Marion Co.)

City Market Catacombs, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The Indianapolis catacombs don’t contain bones or crypts, but scores of brick barrel-vaulted arches that remain from the basement of what was Tomlinson Hall. Read More.

12. Constitution Elm (Corydon, Harrison Co.)

Constitution Elm, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This preserved stump marks where pioneer statesmen drafted Indiana’s constitution under the shade of a mighty elm tree. Read More.

13.  Crown Hill Cemetery (Indianapolis, Marion Co.)

Crown Hill Cemetary, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Indianapolis’ most famous cemetery dates to the Civil War and offers historic tours. Read More.

14. Dan Patch 1:55 (Oxford, Benton Co.)

Dan Patch, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

America’s most famous athlete in the first decade of the 20th century ran the mile in 1:55, a record that stood for over 30 years. He was born in a Benton County stable.

15. Dog Face Bridge (San Pierre, Starke Co.)

Dog Face Bridge, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Urban legends surround this bridge, originating from a car accident claiming both a woman and a dog.

16. Vivian's Dollhouse Grave (Connersville, Fayette Co.)

Dollhouse Graves, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Five-year-old Vivian Allison’s grave is marked by a fully furnished dollhouse, complete with a miniature Mona Lisa.

17. Elizabeth Finnern’s Grave (Bedford, Lawrence Co.) 

Elizabeth Finnern's Grave, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Elizabeth Finnern was so devoted to her husband that she refused to let war separate them. She disguised herself as a man and fought alongside him in the Union Army for six months before being discovered.

18. Family Tree Gravestones (Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co.) 

Family Tree Gravehouse, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The symbolism is clear—families grow, seed, and die, just like trees.

19. Flick Statue (Hammond, Lake Co.) 

Flick Statue, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The A Christmas Story favorite is immortalized fulfilling the “triple dog dare”. Read More.

20. Geode Grotto (Jasper, Dubois Co.)

Geode Grotto, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Sitting on four city blocks in Jasper and based on the Grotto of Lourdes, this shrine literally sparkles.

21. Giant Candle (Centerville, Wayne Co.) 

Giant Candle, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The World’s Largest Candle is found at the Warm Glow Candle Outlet on I-70. Read More.

22. Giant Peach (Bruceville, Knox Co.) 

Giant Peach, , Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Those with mighty appetites may be disappointed, for the produce sold at the Giant Peach’s roadside stand is all normal size. Read More.

23. Hannah House (Indianapolis, Marion Co.) 

Hannah House, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This stop on the Underground Railroad is said to be haunted by the spirits of slaves who perished in a basement fire.

24. Tippecanoe Battlefield (Battle Ground, Tippecanoe Co.) 

Tippecanoe Battle Field, , Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

William Henry Harrison, Tecumseh, and the Prophet squared off at this National Historic Landmark. Read More.

25. Healing Palindrome (New Harmony, Posey Co.) 

Healing Palindrome, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

A mysterious semicircle of concrete shapes installed in this Indiana town tells a story when pieced together.

26. Hell’s Gate (Diamond, Parke Co.)

Hell's Gates, , Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Seven tunnels in Parke County that loom large in local lore.

27. Veal’s Ice Tree (Indianapolis, Marion Co.) 

Veal's Ice Tree, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Powdered food coloring and water have created this seasonal 80-ft attraction since 1961.

28. Medical History Museum (Indianapolis, Marion Co.)

Medical History Museum, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The oldest free standing pathology building in the US interprets the scientific medicine of the 19th and early 20th century. Read More. 

29. James Dean’s Grave (Fairmount, Grant Co.)

James Dean's Grave, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Kiss the grave of Hollywood’s 1950s rebel heartthrob, then drive into town to view Dean memorabilia.

30. Joe Palooka (Oolitic, Lawrence Co.) 

Joe Palooka, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The comic book hero is immortalized in a 10-ft limestone statue.

31. John Dillinger’s Grave (Indianapolis, Marion Co.)

John Dillinger's Grave, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The notorious gangster’s grave is a popular spot at Indianapolis’ Crown Hill cemetery.

32. Johnny Appleseed’s Grave (Fort Wayne, Allen Co.) 

Johnny Appleseed's Grave, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The real life folk hero is buried in Fort Wayne and lent his headwear to the local baseball team’s nickname. Read More.

33. Jug Rock (Shoals, Martin Co.)

Jug Rock, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The largest free-standing table rock formation east of the Mississippi River. Read More.

34. Knightridge Observatory (Bloomington, Monroe Co.)

Knightridge Observatory, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Buried in the Indiana wilderness, this abandoned telescope dome is astronomy’s answer to the eerie backwoods shack.

35. Lake Manitou Monster (Rochester, Fulton Co.) 

Lake Manitou Monster, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

George Winter, frontier artist, drew the Manitou Monster from descriptions by eye-witnesses in 1837. It looked like a sea serpent with the head of a beef cow. Reportedly over 30-ft long, this “Nessie” scared Native Americans and pioneers alike.

36. Museum of Psychphonics (Indianapolis, Marion Co.) 

Museum of Psychphonics, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

A modern-day wunderkammer dedicated to Indianapolis history, Afrotourism, and musical vibrations.

37. Giant Lady's Leg Sundial (Roselawn, Jasper Co.) 

Naked Leg Sundial, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Time is told in a skin-baring way at one of Roselawn’s two nudist colonies. The location is a "clothing optional" camp now, so you don't need to be naked to get a photo of this fascinating timepiece.

38. Old Ben (Kokomo, Howard Co.) 

Old Ben, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The world’s largest steer was born, raised, and taxidermied in all of his posterity in Howard County. Read More.

39. Old Jail Inn (Rockville, Parke Co.) 

Old Jail Inn, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Possibly the only place where you can spend the night in a jail cell because you want to, not because you have to. Read More.

40. Orville Redenbacher (Valparaiso, Porter Co.) 

Orville Redenbacher, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The King of Popcorn sits forever on a bench in Valparaiso’s downtown park. Read More.

41. Cinderella's Grave (Portland, Jay Co.) 

Cinderella's Grave, Finch Cemetery, Portland Indiana

The late-1800s Finch Cemetery at the Jay County Conservation Club is said to hold the grave of a boy named Cinderella. Rumor has it that the gravestones here shift, or disappear. Read More.

42. Paul Bunyan Statue (Muncie, Delaware Co.) 

Paul Bunyan Statue, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Paul stands 25-ft tall as the mascot of a dive named Timbers Lounge. Read More.

43. Table of Elements (Greencastle, Putnam Co.) 

Table of Elements, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Display that gathers the elements of the universe in one convenient location.

44. Pink Elephant (Fortville, Hancock Co.) 

Pink Elephant, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The bespectacled, cocktail-sipping pachyderm is a strange but fitting liquor store mascot. Read More.

45. POW Chapel (Franklin, Johnson Co.)

POW Chapel, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

A chapel built by Italian POWs during WWII tells a forgotten story of war on the home front.

46. Purple Head Bridge (Vincennes, Knox Co.)

Purple Head Bridge, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Local lore says this bridge is haunted by the disembodied head of a Native American shaman.

47. Graves of The Reno Gang (Seymour, Jackson Co.)

Reno Gang Graves, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The lynching and burial site of America’s first train robbers.

48. Rose Island Abandoned Theme Park (Charlestown, Clark Co.) 

Rose Island, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Ruined pieces of stone and a swimming pool are all that remains of an amusement park that was swept away in a flood. Read More.

49. Rotary Jail Museum (Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co.) 

Rotary Jail, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The first spinning jail built in the United States is the only one that still turns.

50. Rubber Horse (Indianapolis, Marion Co.) 

Rubber Horse, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Recycled tires create the equestrian on the corner of Prospect and New Jersey.

51. Giant Rocking Chair (Amity, Johnson Co.)

Giant Rocking Chair, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This piece of furniture fit for a giant is accompanied by an equally large chest of drawers.

52. Seashell Chapel (Terre Haute, Vigo Co.)

Seashell Chapel, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This shrine to St. Anne on the grounds of Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College is made entirely of seashells.

53. Shoe Corner (St. John, Lake Co.) 

Shoe Corner, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This lucky street corner is a magnet for tossed shoes, both pairs and singles.

54. Shoe Tree (Milltown, Crawford Co.) 

Shoe Tree, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This large maple is adorned with hundreds of pairs of shoes—supposedly even Larry Bird’s.

55. Stone Head (Stone Head, Brown Co.) 

Stone Head, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

A carved roadside marker from 1851 gave its name to an entire town.

56. Studebaker Trees (South Bend, St. Joseph Co.) 

Studebaker Trees, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The world’s largest living advertisement is made of pine trees.

57. Story Inn (Nashville, Brown Co.) 

Story Inn, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Fine dining in an 1851 country inn, supposedly haunted. Read More.

58. Beast of Churubusco (Churubusco, Allen Co.) 

Beast of Churubusco, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Though the legendary monster turtle was never captured, “Oscar” did inspire the annual “Turtle Days” festival.

59. The Grave in the Road (Franklin, Johnson Co.)

The Grave in the Road, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Nancy Barnett’s relatives defended her grave with a shotgun, so the state built the road around her. Read More.

60. The Ruins (Indianapolis, Marion Co.) 

The Ruins, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Once adorning a New York skyscraper, these reclaimed ruins now haunt an Indiana park.

61. Tree in the Clocktower (Greensburg, Decatur Co.) 

Tree in the Clocktower, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

For over 100 years, this Indiana town has had a tree growing out the top of the county courthouse.

62. Two-Headed Calf (Peru, Miami Co.) 

Two-Headed Calf, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This taxidermied bovine does not even scratch the surface of the Miami County Historical Society’s collection of oddities.

63. White Lick Creek Bridge (Avon, Hendricks Co.)

White Lick Creek Bridge, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

This Hendricks County bridge has reportedly been haunted since construction, when a worker fell into a pylon being filled with cement.

64. Who North America (Camby, Hendricks Co.) 

Who North America, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

One of the largest collections of merchandise for the British Sci-fi show Doctor Who can be found smack in the center of Indiana.

65. Lady in Gray at the Library (Evansville, Vanderburgh Co.) 

Gray Lady in the Library, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

The Willard Library’s Lady in Gray is so notorious, there is a web cam set up to catch her presence.

66. Ferris Wheel Bridge (Tefft, Jasper Co.) 

Ferris Wheel Bridge, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Dunn’s Bridge is reportedly built from the remnants of the world’s first ferris wheel, built for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

67. World’s Largest Ball of Paint (Alexandria, Madison Co.) 

World's Largest Ball of Paint, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

Visitors are encouraged to contribute to this roadside attraction that is exactly what it sounds like. Read More.

68. World’s Largest Egg (Mentone, Kosciusko Co.) 

World's Largest Egg, Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt

An appropriate attraction for a town that calls itself the “egg basket of the midwest.” Read More.

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