When I heard a Star Wars exhibit was coming to the Indiana State Museum the only one who didn’t freak out in my house was the biggest George Lucas Fanboy in our house - me.

My 13 year-old son/padawan was very excited because he was trained as a youngling to embrace the Star Wars universe. My 16-year-old daughter and 40-something - I MEAN - 30-something wife were freaking out because they knew they would hear “when does it open?” questions incessantly from my Lego-obsessed 10-year-old who envisions an all-Lego Star Wars ensemble.

"Baaaah!" This apathetic blogger was holding back his enthusiasm. "Sure Star Wars is cool,” I thought, “But it’s at a muuuuseeeeeeum; I want to see ships and stuff! Do I have to leeeeeearn something too?” I said in my winy thought-voice I mustered up just for this blog post.

Pilot your skiff to the Indiana State Museum and you'll be impressed when you exit the turbolift and see a LIFESIZE cockpit of the Millennium Falcon that provides a “jump to lightspeed” experience!

You know what this is!

This is the the same Falcon that so many childhood daydreams were centered until I was about 13 - the same age as the aforementioned padawan of my own.

The blockbuster exhibit Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination creates a world with humanoid automatons translating languages, and landspeeders in better shape than Luke’s junkheap, whizzing down the highway. X-wings protect the skies above an incredibly detailed model of a tiefighter at your fingertips. From now through Sept. 2, 2013 the Indiana State Museum has really outdone itself.

Developed by the Museum of Science, Boston, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., the exhibit explores the fantasy technologies depicted in Star Wars films, the real science behind them, and the research that may someday lead to real-life versions of the technologies seen in the films. The exhibit also features props and costumes from all six Star Wars films. Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination  is the largest traveling exhibition in the history of the museum and includes extensive video interviews with filmmakers, scientists and engineers, plus hands-on components including two large "Engineering Design Labs." Here visitors can build and test their own speeders and robots. These Engineering Design Labs include graphics, artifacts and interactive video components to bring visitors up to date on the latest research efforts related to the specific technological challenges outlined.

Tickets are $10 online, in addition to general admission to the Indiana State Museum. Advance ticket reservations are recommended.

Indiana State Museum located in White River State Park 650 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 Event phone: 317-232-1637 Event web site: http://indianamuseum.org

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