The Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa in Michigan City, Indiana provides a nice weekend vacation for many in the surrounding area. I was able to spend some time, and some money, at The Blue Chip a few weeks ago and left with nothing but positive experiences.

The Blue Chip offers one of the nicest spas in northern Indiana and some of the best dining options as well. After that, you’re free to hit the tables or slots. Prior to my time at The Blue Chip, I had never been to a casino before. A friend and I walked around a bit before betting on one of the casino’s roulette tables.

The Blue Chip Hotel, Casino and Spa offers visitors a small taste of Las Vegas in northern Indiana.

Now, I had never played roulette and didn’t know that I would almost certainly lose everything I bet. After watching a few rounds and figuring out the game, I bet $10 on red and won. Feeling confident now, I bet $30 on red and won again, bringing my total on the night to $80. The group that my friend and I were with was leaving, so we had time for only a few more rounds of bets. We both bet everything we had on red in the next round and, guess what, we won again. I was up to $160 and feeling like I couldn’t lose. I wanted desperately to keep going and keep winning, but our group was leaving, so we were forced to cash out. I walked out with $160 cash and totally violated rule No. 1 of gambling, never leave the table on a heater.

I’m convinced that, the next time I gamble, I won’t win a thing because I left when things were going so well for me.

The Blue Chip is typically visited by Chicago residents or people just coming in for one night or a weekend. With Chicago only a short drive or train ride away, The Blue Chip makes for a great place to stay and avoid the prices of downtown Chicago. If you are up that way or within driving distance, I encourage you to check it out!