City Market City Market

I caught myself flipping through the channels a few days ago and saw the news was talking about a new fresh fish section in the city market. Which lead to my curiosity of what kind of fish were being sold and where is the city market? After a quick search on my phone, I realized it was only 13 minutes away from where I was. Next day I was fooling around with my phone accidentally pressed the maps app where the last search was still up and decided hey, why not? and made my way towards 222 E Market St, Indianapolis.

After several minutes, my trusty phone’s GPS said you have arrived, and I was still in the middle of the street. After a quick survey of my surroundings I saw a heard of people walking into a pavilion looking area and then realized that was the spot.

I walked in and was hit in the face with so many delicious smells, the chatter, laughter, sounds of the grills cooking, order numbers being shouted and chair moving and realized this was like a mall’s food court on fresh, locally produced steroids.

The saying “a kid in a candy store”, can now be matured into “an adult in Indy’s City Market.” There were all different kinds of people of all different ages, eating, talking, strolling through and there was some serious energy in these four walls and every food stand looked and smelled better than the next.  Outside on the street there are food trucks, and local vendors/ famers in tents selling food, produce, and some arts and crafts.

Vendors Vendors

It was one hell of a place to get lunch, reasonably priced, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere electric. Two thumbs up. Next time you find yourself downtown and need to stop and get a bite to eat, or pick up some food to make for dinner, the City Market should be at the top of your list.