Conner Prairie is one of the finest museums in Indiana and for good reason. Both historically accurate and immersive, it’s an ideal place to take the kids. But what if you’re an adult - can you still have an enjoyable visit? You betcha! Here are five reasons why Conner Prairie is ideal for adults. 

Located in Fishers, IN, Conner Prairie is only 30 minutes north of Indianapolis, and the drive is an easy one. Just far enough out of the big city, it was built to inspire curiosity and to delve into what life was like in Indiana over two centuries ago. As a lady that has only grown children, my just-graduated-from-college daughter still asks when we’re going back to visit. Here are my five top picks for Conner Prairie fun for adults. 

1859 Balloon Voyage Rides

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One of the coolest things to do at Conner Prairie is, by far, the 1859 Balloon Voyage Ride. Floating higher than the Statue of Liberty is tall (370 feet, to be exact), the 360-degree view is a beautiful one, especially during the autumn season. 

If you’ve never been in a hot air balloon before, this is a great one to test drive: it’s tethered to the ground, so there’s no fear of floating away! Additionally, you will need to purchase an additional ticket to ride in the balloon. Conner Prairie Museum Inc.

Symphony on the Prairie

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Consider this cool scene: you and your friends hanging out in a large field just as the sun goes down and the air is filled with beautiful music. In a nutshell, that’s Symphony on the Prairie. Starting at 8 pm on concert nights, all you need is your fun hat and portable lawn chair. The concerts vary from pop to orchestral to holiday-themed, so there’s always a reason to keep going back. 

Animal Encounters

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Put me next to an adorable farm or baby animal, and it’s generally a prescription for a blubbering mess in the happiest possible way. Sure, its farm has goats and sheep that are precious, but what I love is learning about its world-class rare breeding program. On the property, you’ll find everything from English Longhorn Cattle to Arapawa Goats to Ossabaw Island Hogs, all beautiful in their own way. 

The Headless Horseman Festival

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HeadlessHorseman2-600x414Halloween is my favorite season of the year (yes, it’s not just a day in my family), so the Headless Horseman Festival is right up this adult’s proverbial street. Start with a hayride and then make your way to the Trail of Terror (perfect for those of us that love a good scare!). Before you leave for the night, make sure to check out a couple of live shows and The Bizarre Bazaar, a small museum dedicated to the jack-o-lantern holding creeper himself. 

History on Tap

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If you love learning about (and drinking) craft brews, History on Tap will not disappoint. You’ll find several historical beers to test drive, but what I really find fun is taste-testing “shrub,” a drink made from vinegar. There are plenty of food locations and live entertainment when you visit, and the atmosphere is downright historically cool.