Included below are some of the most common questions about the IN Indiana campaign and IN Indiana campaign toolkit. As the campaign progresses and more questions come up, we wil update this page accordingly. If you have a question and don’t see an answer below, reach out to the IDDC at

How can I use all the graphics in the toolkit?

The IN Indiana General Campaign Guide is a public campaign kit that is an ever-evolving set of tools to display pride in Indiana. Use this campaign guide as a starting point and for any campaign, messaging, print or digital asset needs or questions you may have. The goal of this guide is to keep the IN Indiana look and messaging as clear, cohesive and recognizable as possible. Use the templates and assets provided in the links throughout this document to help strengthen the IN Indiana campaign.

How do I learn about the IN Indiana campaign?

To learn more about IN Indiana you can go to or send any questions to

What are the main goals of the IN Indiana campaign?

  • Showcase all that Indiana has to offer as the best place to live
  • Build a foundation in local communities, then regional, then amplified on a state level
  • Feature a distinct Indiana state of mind
  • Display our natural wonders, man-made wonders and the wonders of opportunity

What can I NOT do with the elements in the campaign kit?

IN Indiana’s personality is based on informative, inviting, and uniting tenets. Please do not use the campaign in ways that are misleading, hateful, or dividing.

IN Indiana campaign templates and assets are available to download and edit, but please do not take any assets or templates to sell for personal profit.

Which campaign kit do I use?

  • General Campaign Toolkit is to be used for general, government and tourism needs
  • Student/University Campaign Toolkit is to be used for school relations and focusing on student retention in Indiana
  • Business/Talent Campaign Toolkit is to be used for business relations and attracting/retaining talent in Indiana
  • Municipality Campaign Toolkit is to be used for town, city, and regional relations 

Why was this campaign necessary?

Indiana is a gem of opportunity and potential that is quickly gaining momentum. The IN Indiana campaign allows others to see what we’ve known for a long time – Indiana really is the best place to build a life and a fresh campaign helps encapsulate that notion.

Who is behind the IN Indiana campaign?

The IN Indiana campaign was spearheaded by WeCreate Media, a full-service advertising agency in Valparaiso, IN. As an Indiana company, WeCreate takes great pride in bringing a fresh breath to Indiana’s identity

Still need help?

Contact our design team for guidance and expertise selecting or creating the best IN Indiana elements for your project. To request a consultation, contact IDDC at