Things to do IN South Central Indiana

South Central Indiana

Forests, lakes, caves and more! South Central Indiana is an ideal location for the nature lover in everyone. With tons of things to do in South Central Indiana,  whether you are looking for a stay at a resort, hiking along beautiful trails, boating on serene lakes, or spelunking in ancient caves— there is an adventure waiting to be had.  

With plenty of unique attractions and outdoor areas, South Central Indiana is an ideal area for both. Its underground caverns will amaze the young and old, and its beautiful, serene hiking and watersports locations offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. 


Must See Attractions IN South Central Indiana

French Lick Resort

Home to two hotels on the National Register of Historic Places, three challenging golf courses, two rejuvenating spas, and a casino, French Lick Resort is perfect for your getaway.

Huber's Orchard and Winery

Huber's Orchard and Winery is the perfect place for a family getaway with great food, tasty wine, and amazing activities for the children and the children-at-hearts!

Marengo Cave

As Indiana's Most Visited Natural Attraction, Marengo cave is a sight to behold with many activities both above and below ground!

Bat Chaser

The breathtaking Bat Chaser thrills passengers with a ride that marries the best elements of ziplining, hang gliding and roller coasters.

Counties IN South Central Indiana

Each county in South Central Indiana provides a new adventure for every traveler. Whether you are relaxing at French Lick Resort in Orange County, or spelunking at Marengo Cave in Crawford County, you will discover new and unique adventures around each turn. Get back to your natural roots and make memories here!

For information on South Central Indiana and all there is to do in each county, see the list of things to do for each county below.

South Central Indiana Region

Clark County

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Love traveling the outdoors? There’s no need to look further than Clark County! With an elevation change of nearly 200 feet, Charlestown State Park offers both hills and ravines for hiking and birding. There are many more adventures for your inner nature lover, in Clark County.

Things to Do IN Clark County, Indiana

Vintage Fire Museum

The museum houses a collection of vintage fire trucks and firefighting equipment from the 1700s to the present day.

Crawford County

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Dubbed a hiker enthusiast’s paradise, Crawford County is filled with outdoor adventure! Its trails weave through beautiful landscapes, including stunning waterfalls, quaint rivers and creeks, and even natural rock shelters created from sandstone. Is caving more your speed? Marengo Cave’s Crystal Palace is a jaw-dropping natural beauty. Once you've worked up a sweat, relax and cool off at Patoka Lake Marina and Winery.

Things to Do IN Crawford County, Indiana

Marengo Cave

As Indiana's Most Visited Natural Attraction, Marengo cave is a sight to behold with many activities both above and…

Patoka Lake Winery

A winery, event space, and a place to stay, Patoka Lake Winery is a unique stay, amazing winery, and cool venue!

Cave Country Canoes

Whether you are looking for a relaxing trip, an adventure, or something in between Cave Country Canoes has you…

Hemlock Cliffs

Hemlock Cliffs is a box canyon hidden within the Hoosier National Forest in Crawford County waiting to be…

Floyd County

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For nature and architectural design lovers, Floyd County will not leave you empty-handed. Once considered the wealthiest man in the state, William Culberton’s Mansion is a trip back through a luxurious time. A piece of county history, the Town Clock Church in New Albany has ties to the Underground Railroad. At Falls of the Ohio State Park, get ready to channel your inner paleontologist at its 390-million-year-old Devonian fossil beds.

Things to Do IN Floyd County, Indiana

Harrison County

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Looking for some thrill in South Central Indiana? Harrison County is home to the Bat Chaser at Indiana Caverns, zip lines, and more. Get your adrenaline pumping by exploring the deep, dark caves, soaring through the natural beauty of Indiana along a zipline course, or rolling for the win at Caesar's Casino. This is also a place for history buffs as historic downtown Corydon was the first state capitol, and not far is the site of the Battle of Corydon— the only Civil War battle fought on Indiana soil. Find your historic adventure in Harrison County!

Things to Do IN Harrison County, Indiana

Bat Chaser

The breathtaking Bat Chaser thrills passengers with a ride that marries the best elements of ziplining, hang gliding…

Indiana Caverns

Indiana Caverns is the longest cave in Indiana and offers a full range of activities on the property!

Orange County

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Orange County is in the heart of the Midwest, and it’s here you’ll find authentic Southern (Indiana) hospitality. If you’re looking for unique animal encounters, look no further than Wilstem Wildlife Park. Part drive-thru animal safari, part dream-come-true experience with loveable four-legged friends— you’ll find its otter, sloth, and elephant encounters unforgettable. For aquatic adventurers, Patoka Lake has 8,800 acres of watersports, hiking, biking, and camping. Love getting your feet off the ground? French Lick Zipline offers a 4,000-foot-long canopy tour that will leave you in awe!

Things to Do IN Orange County, Indiana

French Lick Resort

Home to two hotels on the National Register of Historic Places, three challenging golf courses, two rejuvenating…

Patoka Lake

The 8,800-acre lake and 26,000-acre park around it offer boating, swimming, biking, hiking, and camping.

Paoli Peaks

One of Indiana's premiere ski resorts, Paoli Peaks has 15 trails, two terrain parks, five chair lifts, and more!

Perry County

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Perry County has 60,000 acres of gorgeous Hoosier State Forest to call its own, so fans of the outdoors will adore spending time in the area either hiking or taking a Sunday drive to Winzerwald Winery for some German-inspired wine tasting. Love reeling in impressive catches? There’s plenty of year-round fishing at Oil, Poison, Bear, and Deer Creeks. With 50 miles of trails open to horseback riding, feel free to bring your four-legged friends for a leisurely stroll. For folks who want a county history lesson, be sure to check out the Shubael Little Pioneer Village, which shows what life was like in South Central Indiana in the 1850s.

Things to Do IN Perry County, Indiana

Winzerwald Winery

Winzerwald Winery celebrates its heritage by offering German and Swiss-style wines, gifts, festivals, educational…

Scott County

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Find some small-town charm in the beauty of South Central Indiana in Scott County. On Hardy Lake, get ready to be both impressed and astounded at Dwight R. Chamberlain Raptor Rehabilitation Center, where birds of prey are cared for until they’re able to be released back into the wild. Hardy Lake has plenty of camping, hiking, biking, birding, and fishing for outdoor fans. Fun fact— Hardy Lake is the only state reservoir not created for flood control. Celebrate community, art, and agriculture along the Scott County Barn Quilt Trail or sample the wonderous world of goat milk products at Goat Milk Stuff. Find your small town's natural charm in South Central Indiana.

Things to Do IN Scott County, Indiana

Goat Milk Stuff

This family-run enterprise involves a 36-acre farm that makes goat milk products and provides tours.

Cornucopia Farm

From corn and soybean mazes to petting farms and pumpkin patches, Cornucopia Farm offers something for everyone!

Hardy Lake

Beautiful Hardy Lake is surrounded on all sides by Indiana limestone and rocky bluffs, caves, and great fossils.

Washington County

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Rich in natural beauty and exciting entertainment, Washington County is home to several amazing parks and the Salem Speedway. With its many lakes providing great spots for canoeing, fishing, swimming, and more, Washington County is a great place for people looking for a peaceful and fun getaway on the water. For those folks looking for the roar of engines, the Salem Speedway is home to amazing races, entertainment, and memories to be made with the whole family.

Things to Do IN Washington County, Indiana

Salem Speedway

The Salem Speedway roars to life with a season between April and November bringing the finest in racing!

Lake Salinda

Lake Salinda is an 88 acre surface lake that offers tournament fishing and serves as a popular fishing spot.

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