Although Schmidt Bakery produces tasty donuts, cookies, cakes and other baked goods all year long, customers specifically road trip to Batesville each February to sink their teeth into a unique signature pastry with a funny name.

Schmidt Bakery Cherry Thing-A-Lings

Calling Cherry Thing-A-Lings popular is a massive understatement. Last year alone, Schmidt Bakery turned out more than 232,000 of them (that’s almost 20,000 dozen orders) for customers who make pilgrimages from as far away as Chicago, Florida and Arizona to satisfy their cravings for the sweet treat.

“We have shipped to all 50 states now,” says Cindy Todd, daughter of bakery founder Clem Schmidt.

Schmidt Bakery founder Clem and daughter Caroline

For the uninitiated, Cindy describes the Cherry Thing-A-Ling as a delicious fritter-style donut. Chopped cherries are mixed into the batter before frying, and the Thing-A-Lings are then topped with a sweet cherry glaze before serving. Clem started offering them back in the early 1970s the Sunday before President’s Day as a nod to George Washington, and the tradition stuck as demand grew year after year.

“We also added shipping several years ago, shipping out 500 dozen at first in one day, and then adding a second day to ship an additional 500 dozen,” Cindy mentions. “This year, we have three dates and will ship over 1,700 dozen.”

Alas, if you haven’t already placed your shipping order by now, you’re out of luck. But, customers can still purchase their fill of Cherry Thing-A-Lings in person at the bakery ($1.75 apiece, six for $10, or $20 per dozen) this year between Feb. 15 and 19. Get ‘em while you can, though. After that, they’re gone again until 2025.

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