The Art Zone: Artistic Basketball Locations IN Indiana

Heroes and Legends are often remembered not by the stories that are told about them but by the art that others made to honor them. Great athletes have been the source of sculptures, statues, and paintings since ancient times - from the pottery and painting of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece to the giant stadiums made for football today -  and Indiana is proud to keep that tradition alive with the many Artistic Basketball Locations IN Indiana.

From the massive coliseums Hoosiers have built for all levels of play - from high school to professional play - to the statues and murals of famous Hoosier heroes, Indiana believes in honoring the game and the great athletes that play them.

Go to our many historic gyms and walk on the same courts as the legends. From the William Garret Memorial Gym, where Bill Garret, the first African-American in the Big Ten, practiced to lead his team to a state championship, or the Hatchet House, where all three of the Zeller brothers, each played in the NBA, played in high school. Be wary, though, as many of these high school gyms are still active and will need to be contacted before a visit.

See the many statues or muralsof famous Hoosiers that contributed to some of the most iconic pieces of the sport today. From the Father of the Final Four, Tom Jernstedt, who was instrumental in bringing the home of the NCAA to Indiana, to home-town heroes like John Wooden or Reggie Miller. Each of these locations honors a Hoosier who made an impact on the sport and Indiana.