On-Campus Basketball Locations IN Indiana 

Tailgating, spending time with friends, cheering on your favorite players, pumping up your adrenaline, and going wild! Let your team’s flag fly on your shirt, on a poster, or paint it on your face! Any way you decide to enjoy your time, you can do it at one of the many high school and college campuses available. Whether you want to catch a game filled with free-spirited cheer, wander a museum-like exhibition, or tour halls of fame and champions—you can do all of that at Indiana’s various high school and college campuses open to Hoosier Hysteria!

Indiana schools have made up or touched many parts of Indiana basketball history, a start for basic rules, player skills, and the popularization of the sport itself. Having made the mark on both the sport and players, many high schools now have areas dedicated to the many achievements, players, and coaches that have passed through the halls, along with new architectural features created for the sole purpose of better displaying said achievements, players, and coaches. Walk the halls held in such high esteem yourself to learn the history of our gyms and the teams that play in them while awaiting the ref’s starting whistle!

Indiana enjoys a massive amount of celebration and festive spirit when our favorite sport comes around, and that lasts through the season before meeting a crescendo at the end—and there is little else that can match that energy! Explore the many events and long history that comes from these events, create life-long memories from these experiences, and maybe meet a few life-long friends.