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Military Locations IN Indiana by War

Indiana has a long history with war and the military. From its birth with George Rogers Clark and Clark's Grant, to being the site of the first battle of the War of 1812, to being one of the main fighters in the western side of the Civil War, and continuing into being a huge engineering powerhouse in both World War I and World War II, Indiana's legacy with the military is storied and long. That's why Hoosiers honor our veterans.

These pages aim to help people find information and memorials for veterans of certain wars. Whether that is to find family history, learn more about these wars, or to honor the veterans of these wars, we have made it easy to search and navigate these military locations. 


Fort Harrison state Park WWII Reenactment

Finding Military Locations IN Indiana By War

Below is an extensive list of Military Locations IN Indiana easily navigable by allowing you to search for locations based on what conflict they are a part of:

  • On the left side of our list is a "Categories" section. Under this section is a list of wars. You can select one or multiple wars that you wish to search through from these categories, which will filter the list down to locations only involved in those wars.
  • In addition, you can search by keyword in the search bar in the top left.
  • You can use the map to see what locations are near you or near a place you are interested in visiting.
  • You can also go the specific War page to filter the list and learn more about Indiana's History.


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