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Military Locations IN East Central Indiana

East Central Indiana is home to many well-known colleges like Ball State University, Taylor University, and Earlham College. It is also home to the Women's Legacy Memorial.

One of the newest monuments, dedicated in August 2021, the Women's Legacy Memorial in Kokomo honors all the women who have served in the military whether that was in secret or by enlisting. The memorial was built by the Disabled Americans Veterans Chapter #28 and funded by the community. 69 patrons gave over $50,000 for its construction. Now it is available for all to see and learn more about these amazing heroes who served our country in times of conflict.

The Women's Legacy Memorial is not the only thing that East Central Indiana has to offer. Amongst its many military installments, it is home to the Portland Military Show and Swap meet where military equipment will be on display, and the Oliver P. Morton Home where the Indiana Governor lived during the Civil War. 



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