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Learn More about Military Locations IN Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana is full of forgotten gems, and that rings true even for military locations. Places like the Forks of the Wabash have often been overlooked even though they played a huge part in the founding of this country.

Before George Rogers Clark had taken Fort Sackville, it had momentarily been occupied by another American force led by Captain Leonard Helm while it had been left abandoned. This enraged a British Lieutenant Governor by the name of Henry Hamilton, who proceeded to take 171 British troops and 350

Indians with 40 boats through the portage en route to retake Fort Sackville at Vincennes. His successful retaking of the fort would set the stage for Clark's bigger victory.

The Forks of the Wabash are not the only forgotten gem. The Steuben County Soldiers Monument is another amazing monument in Northeast Indiana honoring Civil War veterans as Steuben County had more troops enlist per capita than any other county in Indiana, and then there is the site of the devastating Eel River Battlefield where Miami Indians fought against American forces during the war of 1812. Find these gems and more in Northeast Indiana!


Steuben County

Learn More about Military Locations IN Northeast Indiana

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