Hoosier History - Basketball Locations IN Indiana

Indiana is called the Home of Basketball, and its history with the sport is long and storied. Indiana contributed greatly to the acceptance and popularity of the sport in its infancy and still holds a special place in the evolution and growth of the sport. The locations on this list tell bits of the history that Indiana and Basketball share. History buffs and sports fans unite at these many Hoosier History Locations; finding the time and place to visit and find your passion’s searched-for information can lead to both newly formed hobbies, stronger bonds, and long-time memories.

The locations on this list have been singled out for either their long, diverse history in the sport of basketball or their unwitting involvement in a single large, interesting event. From restaurants such as ‘Plump’s Last Shot,’ which showcases the career of Bobby Plump from Milan in 1953, to historical markers such as the one dedicated to Arthur Trester, who brought the first shadows of true Hoosier Hysteria to life. Each of the locations listed below shares historical significance with some aspect of basketball and Indiana’s involvement in it. If you’re a sports fan that has ever wanted to explore their history-nerd tendencies or a history buff that has wanted to make a foray into sports, these are the perfect places to do so!

Basketball has always been a favored pastime for Hoosiers since its introduction, and many enjoy simply heading out to places that are saturated in the history and memorabilia of its past. Join the pros and learn from them as you discover the same information and joys that have become old, albeit well-loved, information. With a list to guide your experiences and first-time visits, being able to learn all you want will be easy—and meeting knowledgeable people along the way will be even easier! Enjoy the many benefits of visiting these areas when you come to Indiana; meeting and learning from Hoosiers, finding new passions, and getting in the first step to becoming part of Hoosier Hysteria!