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Why is Hoosier Hysteria such a large and well-known phenomenon? Basketball has become is a generational sport that is beloved by many, and we have the gyms, museums, galleries and championship venues to prove it! Choose your favorite form of exploration: historical gyms to gorgeous art galleries, history centers to grand memorials, newly renovated fieldhouses to halls of champions, or take in a game! Each one allows for a new and interesting way to explore the storied history of Indiana’s most iconic sport—Basketball.

Providing a snapshot of a memory long past or a simple reminder of the “David vs. Goliath” games contested once upon a time, Indiana’s historic gyms and fieldhouses have played a huge role in preserving our basketball history. Art galleries, memorials, museums and history centers also play a part in telling Indiana’s unique story. The Basketball Experience IN Indiana provides the sports traveler, history buff or local Hoosier planning a fun staycation all the basketball they need in one great website.

Find out why basketball consumes such a large piece of Indiana’s history and why the celebration continues.

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Whether your goal is to gain more knowledge of what makes up Hoosier Hysteria, the sport itself, or to start a collection of basketball memorabilia to impress the basketball aficionados in your life, you can find everything you’re looking at one of many Indiana basketball attractions.

Visiting just one of our historic gymnasiums will allow us to support a small town and step onto the hardwood where the greats once played. See the intentional architecture and learn their history; The Hoosier Gym, Hinkle Fieldhouse and New Castle Fieldhouse are iconic in their own right. They have all played an integral role in creating Indiana’s basketball narrative.

Visiting the NCAA Hall of Champions, you can show off your skills and test yourself against guests, engage in trivia challenges and experience the trials and triumphs of the greatest players of all time!

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