Basketball Locations to Visit IN Indiana

To fully understand the basis and truth that makes up the Hoosier Hysteria that overtakes the state, you must visit the many museums, historic gyms, halls of fame and champions and diners. Explore the To Visit list below to plan your trip and start your journey into Hoosier Hysteria!

Any one of the locations within the To Visit list below will take you into the depths of Hoosier Hysteria, the history of Indiana’s sport and will explore what it means to be immersed within a state-wide love. Newspaper articles, YouTube videos and TV specials can only get you so far in understanding one of Indiana’s great past times! Whether you want to enjoy a tenderloin while looking into memorabilia or explore one of the museums, gyms or halls of fame while you visit, our state has the perfect something for you!

The historic gyms give you a peak into the past with the architecture and surroundings since little has changed since it was first used. The halls of fame and champions include historical memorabilia and aim to instill a sense of curiosity and wonder and challenge yourself in trivia and activities. Finally, the diners allow time to relax and take in the scene built around Hoosier’s love of basketball while enjoying another state favorite—tenderloin! Enjoy the annual tip-off with us natives, and learn why we love basketball to the point of hysteria!

Other Places to Discover!