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About Motorsports Museums and Attractions IN Indiana

Indiana boasts several museums and special attractions dedicated to telling our motorsports story. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum sits adjacent to the historic racetrack and while it is currently undergoing renovations, you can still meet up at the museum to take a tour of the track – a must for any race fan. 

In northern Indiana, you will find the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, which has informative exhibits explaining how Duesenberg dominated Indianapolis 500 racing throughout its first decades. Many of the trials that occurred on the raceway led to innovations and designs that are still in place today. At the Studebaker National Museum are cars built with Studebaker engines that raced in the early 1930s Indianapolis 500 as well as the midget racing circuits throughout Indiana. In addition to their racing history, these museums offer some of the best car collections in the country.

The International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame, Ohio County and Wayne County Historical Museums feature interesting exhibits on everything from speedboat racing on the Ohio River to monster truck models and historical memorabilia. No matter which corner of the state you visit, you can find history and activity involving fast cars, boats, trucks and motorcycles.


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