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Military Locations IN the Indiana Uplands

The Indiana Uplands is known well for its natural abundance and beautiful parks, but it also has many connections to the military. One of the most emotional monuments in Indiana is also situated here, right outside the courthouse in Columbus: the Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans.

A more modern memorial, created in 1997 the Bartholomew County Memorial might be overlooked in the amazing architecture and sculptures of Columbus. There are 25 limestone pillars arranged in a 5x5 grid, that stand 40 feet tall, which doesn't immediately stand out as a memorial. But, on each limestone pillar are inscriptions of letters from brave soldiers, some of which lost their lives in combat. Walking among these pillars is a very emotional experience as it makes the sacrifice that our veterans have made very real.

The Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans is not the only place that the Indiana Uplands has to offer. There is also Freeman Field which includes statues of the Tuskeegee Airmen, and the Alexander Memorial which stands for all the soldiers from Monroe County; it was recently restored after 100 years. There is so much more to learn in the Indiana Uplands.


Columbus Architecture

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Among the abundance of natural beauty in the Indiana Uplands, there is also centuries of military history to learn and a lot of memorials to visit. With so much to rediscover, we made exploring easy with our map. Find your location and explore what is near you or plan a trip to see some of the amazing locations throughout Indiana.

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