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The Revolutionary War's Impact IN Indiana

While Indiana did not become an official state until well after the Revolutionary War, it became the site of one of the most influential battles within the Revolutionary War. In the western territories of the colonies, the British allied with native tribes and ordered them to attack the western colonial settlements. These raids were not only dangerous to the frontier but also showed that the revolutionists had little chance against the behemoth that was the British Empire.

While these raids were happening, the fledgling nation was petitioning the French for an alliance. The French were wary, but their minds were changed after a controversial figure marched on and forced the surrender of several British forts along the Ohio River. George Rogers Clark, a Lieutenant Colonel of the Virginia Militia, gathered men and, under secret orders, began attacking native tribes and British forts. This reached a peak when he laid siege to Fort Sackville in modern-day Vincennes. This place is now known as George Rogers Clark National Historical Park.

The fall of Fort Sackville was a turning point in the war that convinced the French to ally with the revolutionists leading to the British defeat and the birth of a nation. For his effort, Clark was given a large land grant known as Clark's Grant in what would become southern Indiana.


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